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OCS as been a leader in the IT consulting industry

for two decades, bringing you and your company

the best IT solutions and tech support to fit any needs

that you may have. Whether you need a proactive

plan for potential threats, or a reactionary solution

for a problem that arises later, OCS has honed their

skills carefully across a diverse range of industries.

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The Woodlands IT company

Day to day IT systems servicing by our experienced system engineers

Not only is our IT consulting staff responsible for the daily upkeep of your information technology services, but you have access to a 24-7 emergency support hotline with experts available to assist you anytime, in any situation, day or night. This access saves precious time and resources for your internal personnel, allowing them to be focused on what matters most in running your business.

The Woodlands IT services company

Senior resources for specialized processes

Our senior staff is able to handle any project specific to your company’s needs. We are able to implement a virtual CIO, to manage your high-level projects quickly and efficiently. This is bolstered by our experience in strategic project planning, for any organizational hierarchy. Personalized attention means your company has its IT systems needs met professionally and expeditiously.  We know your IT systems are the backbone of your operation and up-time and reliability is a must!

The Woodlands IT services company

Centralized organization for remote support

In addition to the virtual CIO, a centralized organization is optimal for the ease, flexibility, and reliability it provides through remote management and support of all your IT systems. Imagine the peace of mind provided by leaving your onsite IT systems management to one, easily accessible central management body. This means more security, as well as faster troubleshooting for any problems that should arise.


The Woodlands IT Company Optimum Computer Solutions has been an IT consulting specialist for more than twenty years, and has been leading the industry in a number of specialized areas in the Information Technology design, installation and managed maintenance field. Our system engineers, technicians and sales professionals are not only experienced, but are kept up to date on the most recent technologies, to keep you one step ahead of your competition. Our IT professionals are able to help along every step of the way, from evaluating and configuring your existing network, to making recommendations on evolving your tech to more up-to-date hardware and software, to installation and maintenance of the entire IT System. They will help you succeed in the most timely and cost efficient way possible.  Our dedicated customer service team will provide you and your company with the most personalized customer service experience possible.  You WILL be impressed!

The Woodlands IT Consulting company


With less time spent on IT systems troubleshooting and maintenance, your company may increase productivity in other areas, as you focus on what your company does best. Not only may you increase productivity of your employees, but our IT consulting and infrastructure improvements can attract new and innovative employees to your business, as well as retaining existing staff.  You will find the kind of employee who seeks a modern and technologically advanced work environment to be attracted to your company, and they’ll be able to focus on doing their job well.

A unique customer service experience will set your company apart, in addition to reducing downtime by providing reliable access to the most cutting edge technology available. All of this means your business will thrive, in an efficient and convenient atmosphere, alongside the best in the IT consulting industry, OCS.