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Lo-Jack for Laptops

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Absolute Software has come up with breakthrough software for individuals, corporations, business, medical and home users that wish to recover their property and keep their computer information secure; even if it’s lost or stolen.

Absolute Software brands two versions of their recovery software. One they call “Lo-Jack for Laptops” and one called “Computrace.” The “Lo-Jack for Laptops” brand is best recognized by the consumer for its popular “Lo-Jack” name that is widely known for recovering stolen automobiles. That brand is marketed to individuals and the name already carries the trusted recognition of the “Lo-Jack” brand. The other brand name, “Computrace,” is marketed to larger enterprises and business clients that are looking for an all in one solution for asset and data tracking, auditing, and recovery.

The Lo-Jack product offers simple to use software that gets installed directly on a pc or laptop. You install it once, configure, and register. If your laptop is lost or stolen you can contact Absolute Software and their Theft Recovery Team will spring into action on your behalf, working directly with local law enforcement to recover your property. The next time your laptop connects to the internet (let’s say your thief decides to check his Facebook page from Starbucks) the software will kick in and begin mining data from the laptop to determine where it is, and who has it. Another great feature is you can use the Data Delete service to automatically delete sensitive files from your hard drive at the same time!

computraceThe Computrace software has the same basic foundation, but with some added goodies that get asset managers excited! Not only does it have theft recovery and remote delete features, but also has GPS technology (built-in on some laptops) to track the exact location of the laptop at any time in real-time, as well as the ability to “freeze” a laptop and display a message to the user. One example might be “This laptop is property of XYZ company and is currently reaching the end of its lease period. Please contact XYZ at 555.555.5555 and report this message to an asset manager.” Another message could be “This computer is being tracked by the NSA, you are now in BIG TROUBLE”. It’s your call, whatever message you like.

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