Security Systems Reseller

OCS becomes security system reseller

Optimum Computer Solutions (OCS) is proud to announce that we have become a reseller of security systems provided by Verkada.  Verkada is a provider of high-tech, cloud based security systems that provide ease of us by the average person.  No need to be highly tech savvy, to install, operate and use this system!  So, this modular system is as near “plug and play” as anything gets!

Simplify Citywide Security with a Fully Integrated System

OCS will design and implement a custom version of the Verkada cloud based security system to suit your needs.  The custom security system will include video provided by hybrid cloud cameras with on-board storage and edge based processing for reliable video in real time.

Catch and respond to break-ins with cloud managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring.  Manage doors, credentials and users across sites at ease with global access and active directory integrations.

Security system information Flyer Page 1
Security System Flyer , page 2 by Verkada

OCS is a premier supplier of IT Consulting services providing solutions for the needs of many small to medium size companies across Texas.  So, by adding Verkada’s products to our product offerings, it created a great milestone for us in our growth efforts this year.  Becoming a security systems reseller was an important part of our growth strategy for 2022.  So, we put a lot of effort into getting this Verkada relationship solidified as a priority and accomplished it early in the year.  We are proud to be working with the fine folks at Verkada!

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Our engineers provide the best and most cost effective IT solutions and IT services for the companies we serve.  As a result, our managed IT solutions are proven and reliable systems. We work to improve them each day to maintain a leading edge over our competitors. 

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