MCHD and OCS Achieve Success with SPECTOR 360

The Setting Industry: Healthcare Company: Montgomery County Healthcare District Location: Conroe, Texas Founded: 1977 Employees: ≈ 260 Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, established to provide healthcare for the needy residents of the county, located about 40 miles north of Houston. Chief Operating Officer Kelly Curry manages a network with 50 Windows Server computers and approximately 215 workstations — 40 percent of which are mobile laptops — running Windows XP Pro and... Learn More

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets

~ Armen Keteyian (CBS) At a warehouse in New Jersey, 6,000 used copy machines sit ready to be sold. CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports almost every one of them holds a secret. Nearly every digital copier built... Learn More

Lo-Jack for Laptops

Absolute Software has come up with breakthrough software for individuals, corporations, business, medical and home users that wish to recover their property and keep their computer information secure; even if it’s lost or stolen. Absolute Software brands two versions of... Learn More

Java flaw exposes Windows users to attacks

A vulnerability in Java technology could be exploited by attackers and used to compromise computers running Windows if they visit a Web page hosting malicious code, two researchers warned on Friday. Google engineer Tavis Ormandy released details on the Full... Learn More

Adobe to launch updater service next week

Adobe will release its latest security updates for Reader and Acrobat on Tuesday via a new update system it has been testing the past six months, the company said on Thursday. The Adobe updates will coincide with April’s Patch Tuesday... Learn More

About OCS

OCS has been an IT consulting specialist for twenty years, and has been leading the industry in a number of specialized areas. Our system engineers and sales professionals are not only experienced, but are kept up to date on the most recent technologies, to keep you one step ahead. They’re able to help every step of the way, from evaluating and configuring your existing network, to making recommendations on evolving your tech, to installation and maintenance. They’ll help you succeed in the most timely and efficient way possible, and our dedicated customer service team will provide you and your company with the most personalized experience possible.