IT Hardware

The backbone to any network is the hardware.  IT network hardware sales is one of the many things we do at OCS.  Network hardware is the central nervous system of any well connected business. Quality servers and computers ensure that problems and headaches are minimized, so that IT departments can focus on ensuring a smooth running network. Hardware sales can be difficult to impossible to parse, which is why our procurement and engineering team ensures quality for every hardware purchase. We’ve done the legwork, so that our clients utilize the best and most up to date equipment.

Connectivity is the most important part of a business today. We stand behind our choices of machines and software to keep a network up and running with maximum reliability.  A customs designed and tailored system, professionally installed and managed, can be the perfect solution to bring a business into the 21st century, and to push it to the front of the industry.


Nowhere is a network more important than at home, and OCS maintains the stability of that network with regular checks and maintenance to the hardware itself. From virus protection to backups, any system is safe in the hands of our skilled experts. In addition, proper installation and configuration of new software, as well as necessary upgrades as needed, will help any business run smoothly, and will make sure to provide the maximum return on investment.

Laptops and Desktops

The access point is the gateway to the network. We put our trust in HP and Lenovo laptops and desktops, and stand behind them one hundred percent. It’s important to be able to access the data and information stored on the network, and with quality work stations that’s never a problem.

Routers and Switches

The routers and switches are the neural fibers of a network. It might seem like a small part, but if something goes wrong it could lead to big problems. That’s why we use Cisco routers. The improved speed and durability will keep things moving along, while Cisco switches will hold up in the most extreme conditions. Our hardware sales team deals with Cisco because they have the best reputation in the industry.


Having a reliable printer might not seem very important to IT, but they’re a necessary component nonetheless. HP printers are a workhorse, like their computers. Headache free, and there when you need them.

Our team sells only the most reliable hardware for any network. The combination of these products will ensure a long life and reliability for any situation, and our team of experienced technicians and sales people are ready to implement a strategy suited perfectly for those situations.

Our hardware sales team, like our other divisions, brings the appropriate up to date knowledge to provide you with accurate information, and to make sure you’re outfitted with a system tailored to your needs.