Through our managed IT services, OCS provides monitoring and support to our clients. We offer a variety of managed services, which can be put together into a package to provide customized support.

These services run the gamut from monitoring backups to applying desktop and laptop patches and updates. They are intended for companies that do not have enough tech support needs to justify a full time, in house team.

Optimum Computer Solutions has its own call center and help desk which can be provided to your users and the expertise to consult on infrastructure needs. We help you meet your goals in a timely manner.

For Desktops and Laptops

OCS can provide desktop and laptop support, including both software and hardware. All of it is done by expert personnel and with your employees having full access to their expertise – just as if it was in house. Here are some of the solutions we offer for desktop and laptop support.

Desktop Support

Support for existing operating systems and hardware as well as installed applications.

Backup Operations

Monitoring backups and ensuring they go through correctly.

Desktop Patch Management

Applying updates and patches to desktop and laptop operating systems.

Application Level Support

Support for and troubleshooting of application software.

Antivirus & Malware

Keeping antivirus and anti-malware software up to date and removing viruses and malware.

Third Party Warranty IT Support

Providing ISP vendor support and support for hardware and software. Client is responsible for any needed support subscriptions.

Call Center/Help Desk

Call center support available to users at all times.

For Networks and Servers

OCS can provide and support all of your network connectivity. We have the expertise to help you with your infrastructure needs, whether it is designing a new network and establishing just what is best for your company, or maintaining your existing one. Here are some of the network-related services we offer.

Systems Operations

Running and maintaining local and wide area data communication networks.

Backup Operations

Daily monitoring of off-site backups to ensure they go through correctly.

Server Patch Management

Applying critical and other patches and updates, including hot fixes and roll-ups. We can also monitor event logs for errors and problems caused by new patches.


A 24 x 7 system for monitoring network infrastructure, making sure that if it goes down in the middle of the night somebody notices.


Helping clients establish and determine their network infrastructure needs.

Each OCS client gets a dedicated customer service and support team to help make sure they receive personal attention. New clients will get personalized advice on which services they should have and how best to use them. These managed services are the perfect solution for smaller companies that lack the resources or need for full time teams.