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Personal IT

There’s more to the technological well being of a company than most people
think, and OCS can help with everything. With a strategic plan, any IT environment
can remain stable and secure, allowing your business to function without any
headaches. With our expert network consulting, businesses can focus on the
important tasks that put them ahead, without worrying about holding everything

Desktop and Server

Nowhere is a network more important than at home, and OCS maintains the stability of that network with regular checks and maintenance to the hardware itself. From virus protection to backups, any system is safe in the hands of our skilled experts. In addition, proper installation and configuration of new software, as well as necessary upgrades as needed, will help any business run smoothly, and will make sure to provide the maximum return on investment.

Disaster Consulting

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is the unexpected loss of data. We have disaster recovery plans to assist if something unexpected happens. As vigilant as people might be, there’s always the possibility that an important file is lost, or that a server goes down, taking important data with it. Our network consulting can offer a wide range of solutions in the case of such an unfortunate event, specific to the requirements and needs of any business.

Network Monitoring

One of the best reasons to work with a dedicated network consulting team is perhaps the simplest. Something that most companies don’t have the time to do, but is utterly important to ensure a smooth running network. OCS is able to monitor the networks of clients, spotting potential problems before any issues arise. These issues can prove disastrous for a business, small or large. Fortunately with our round the clock service, these are no longer the concern of the client, leaving them to manage their now optimized business in other ways.

Convenient Remote
and On-site Support

Having someone to talk to face to face is incredibly important for a business. Building trust and a relationship allows both parties to work towards better solutions. OCS’s on-site service is one of the most important ways we serve our clients. In addition to a quick turn around in response time, we also offer 24-7 help desk support for issues that require a rapid response.

Mobility Solutions

Network consulting is no longer attached to a physical space, and OCS understands that connectivity, through mobile devices, is necessary to maintain a smooth workflow between home and office. We offer experience and expertise with servers and devices, to keep businesses and staff in sync wherever they are.

Security Solutions

With all of the convenience of a dedicated network comes all of the risk. Security threats are changing every second, so OCS and their network consulting experts stay on top of the latest anti-virus, malware, or trojan solutions and prevention techniques. As for on site security, OCS can devise and install network ready security cameras, to protect companies and networks on all fronts.