Programming &
Application Design

If your business needs something beyond the basics, something tailor made for your specific

organization, Optimum Computer Solutions has the experience and the capabilities to make it

happen. Whether you need programming and application design for a simple tracking

application for inventory, or a more complex, fully integrated service for your entire network,

OCS can design and deliver a full set of software solutions to fit your business needs.

Multiple Solutions For
Any Scenario

Our software programming specialists are trained and experienced with coldfusion, python, java, and more, to help you and your business with any software development you may need. Our wide range of expertise means a solution that works for your business aimed at helping you meet critical challenges like reducing costs or streamlining the various processes that keep you efficient in a changing landscape.

Your Business

OCS can design your software locally, so we know the specifics and the nuances of your business. After your internal network is setup, our software programming experts can design fully integrated systems, mobile or desktop, to interact and manage that network. Streamlining processes with a convenient suite of custom application designs may be exactly what sets your business apart, and improves your workflow to put you ahead in your field


In addition to simply running your business, custom designed applications can assist in customer service. A well designed app can be the difference between a good reputation and a bad one. How your customers interact digitally with your systems is the new, alternative face of your company. OCS and our software programming and application design experts will create a simple and effective customer interface that will welcome and embrace your customer base in order to ensure a great experience and repeat business

Replacing Ageing

Networks, as with everything, age and show their wear. They will work well for a time, but as networks and the components of those networks are replaced, eventually the interfaces and associated software will require replacement or updating. Your reputation will improve if your digital face stays up to date, be it the employee interface, or the customer service applications. Our experts are able to update existing software to incorporate new design or technologies, and keep your business up to date.

Regardless of your business needs, from internal IT network management to customer interfaces, OCS and our software programming experts are there to make a bespoke software or application service to ensure your business runs at the capacity it should. From application design for new systems to upgrading existing software, our programming and applications design team is there to assist and give you the personal attention necessary to create a beautiful and functional interface for your network.