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Business Phone Systems – SPECIAL PLAN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: In addition to all of the standard Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc. terms and conditions that apply for SIPStation services (the “Services”), the following additional Terms and Conditions apply to this special offer (the “Plan”). These Terms of Service are related to the standard SIPStation Terms of Service (“TOS”), and all terms, conditions, and definitions in the TOS apply and are incorporated in full into this document. By submitting your order for Services under this Plan, you are agreeing to these Special Plan Terms and Conditions. In the event of a conflict between the SIPStation Terms of Service and these Special Plan Terms and Conditions, these terms will prevail.

1. The date that the Plan becomes active (the “Plan Start Date”) will be on the date your order is processed and you agree to the terms of the Plan, normally, the same day your order is submitted.

2. For new locations that have no pre-existing Services, the Plan will be active from the Plan Start Date and extend for a defined length of time (the “Plan Length”, for example, 12 or 36 months), which is the Plan End Date. The time between the Plan Start Date and the Plan End Date is the “Plan Period”. When converting an account that is not currently under contact into this Plan, the Plan will be active from the Plan Start Date, but the Plan End Date will be determined from the date of your next Statement date, and extend from that date for the Plan Length. For example, if you have a regular statement cycle on the 15th of the month, and you convert an existing Plan on November 1st, and the Plan Length is described as a 1 year Plan, then the Plan Start Date would be November 1st, the Plan End Date would be November 14th of the following year, and the Plan Period would be 1 year and 14 days. Any purchases of eligible Services you make after the Plan Start Date after or while entering into the Plan will be eligible for the Plan pricing on those items at the time of checkout. In call cases, if the Plan End Date falls on the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, it will be changed to end on the 27th of that same month to coincide with billing statements which are only generated the 1st-28th of any given month.

3. You will be billed monthly for the services on your credit card or other payment method on file with Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc.

4. Plan discounts only apply to those items specifically described in the Plan offering. All other prices, fees, and service charges related to the Services, including those defined in the Service Rates, shall remain as under the standard month-to-month Service.

5. EARLY CANCELLATION: You acknowledge and agree that if, during but before the end of the Plan Period, you cancel any Services that are being provided to you at a discount under the Plan, or if your Service is terminated by Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc. due to your material violation of any applicable Terms of Service, then the full remaining amount due for all cancelled and unpaid services remaining for the Plan Period (the “Early Cancellation Fees”) will immediately become due and payable, and will be billed to your credit card or other payment method. You agree not to dispute Early Cancellation Fees made under this provision, and understand that no refunds or credits shall be available Early Cancellation Fees paid due to early cancellation or terminate of any Services under a Plan.

6. If, during the Plan Period, you wish to add more of any items covered by discounts under the Plan, you may add them either at the regular price on a month-to-month basis without obligation; or you can add the items to your Plan and receive the discounted Plan price. If you add additional Services to your Plan, your Plan Period will not change. However, you cannot reduce the number of items that you are receiving at a discount under the Plan until the plan expires, is terminated, or is cancelled by either you or by Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc.

7. At the end of the Plan Period, your Plan (if still available), will automatically renew to a month to month term under standard rates & terms. At least 30-days prior to the Plan End date, you will have the option to cancel the Plan after it expires, so that it does not automatically renew. If you terminate the Plan but take no other actions, then all Services that were discounted under the Plan will thereafter be charged at the then-current standard monthly rate, beginning with the billing period following the expiration or termination of the Plan.

8. Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to modify the prices, terms, fees, conditions, and length of any Plans or offers, or to discontinue any Plan, at any time and without notice to you or any other party. However, once you enter a Plan, the prices you pay and the material terms of the Services covered under your Plan will not change during your Plan Period. If Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc. modifies or discontinues the specific Plan that you are on during your Plan Period, then at the end of the Plan Period, your Plan may not auto-renew, and you can instead select from one of the standard offers and plans available from Optimum Computer Solutions, Inc. at that time for your service; or if you do not select a plan or cancel your service before the Plan End Date, your Services will revert to monthly service at the then-current standard monthly rate.

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